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SmartDRIVER Train the Trainer takes place in Edmonton, Canada

Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Certifies Five New Trainers in the Prairies

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August SmartDRIVER Train the Trainer Session Now Scheduled!
Friday, 03 July 2009

CUTA’s August SmartDRIVER Train the Trainer has now been scheduled and this event will be taking place at OC Transpo in Ottawa.
OC Transpo is in the process of implementing the SmartDRIVER Program, and what better way to promote this program than to run a Train-the-Trainer session? The 3-day event will begin on August 31, 2009 taking place at OC Transpo. The CUTA trainers that will deliver this event will be John King and Remi Renaud.
To book a one-day SmartDRIVER training event or to book a 3-day Train-the-Trainer session, please contact John Moudakis at

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